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Color Run FUTP 60 Kick Off

Lynn Dugan,   Glenbard West High School
Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation, Student Leadership,  Teamwork
Color Run FUTP 60 Kick Off

It was a sunny Saturday morning last fall. Fifteen Glenbard West High School FUTP 60 leaders had organized a color run to kick off FUTP 60 for the new school year. Anthony Morgan, former Chicago Bear, joined the event and gave the students a healthy "pep talk" just before the run. Over 60 students attended the event and ran the 1-mile course while getting doused with colors. What made this great event exceptional was that the student section for the home football game that was starting within the hour, had a "tie dye" dress code. The students who had just completed the color run were perfectly dressed for the football game! Anthony Morgan led the football team to the field in the traditional pre-game march with the band and then he participated in the coin toss for the game. Many students, parents and community members had a chance to meet Anthony Morgan in a "Meet and Greet" in the end zone during the game. It was a great demonstration of teamwork (the FUTP60 leaders with the school administrators and staff) as well as a wonderful activity for all students and the greater community.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The student leaders in our FUTP 60 club had to coordinate with school administrators and staff every detail of this event. Not only was the entire campus used for the color run course, but the event integrated the athletic department, student services, ground crews and other departments. It was a team effort!