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Coming Together as a Team

Lori Gentry,   Alamo J H
Access to Healthy Foods, Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork
Coming Together as a Team

At Alamo JH, the teachers and staff understand the importance of a healthy breakfast and the benefits from participating in physical activity off and on during the day. One of the first ways we as a team help with a healthy start to a school day is offering a variety of things for breakfast. The cafeteria offers several varieties of milk and juices for both breakfast and lunch daily. Along with those items, the students are offered a regular breakfast item along with several choices of fruit. Our breakfast is served in the classrooms every day, except for a few classes that eat in the cafeteria. Another way the teachers and staff work together to make sure every student has the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast is to save some of the extra juices, milk, and fruit in their classrooms for any student who may come in late and has not had the chance to eat breakfast yet. Alamo has an area called the patio that the students gather in the morning before school and get to go to after they eat lunch. On this patio there are four basketball hoops that the students use on a daily basis to shoot hoops and to play basketball games. The patio is also used by other students in groups kicking a soccer ball around, wall ball, small volleyball games, and tag activities. On occasion there are some groups that even have a dance-off. This area gives the students many opportunities to be physically active.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students and staff here at Alamo worked well together by coming up with ways to help every student eat a healthy breakfast and get physically active as much as possible.