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Community Candy Drive

Alan Sarka,   John Neihardt Elementary School
Community Candy Drive
Neihardt Elementary collaborated with Andersen Middle School on a community candy drive. The schools competed in a friendly competition to see which school could donate the most candy. The objective was to donate the candy to the Open Door Mission so they could use it to fill child lunches. The mission said that the candy was used to provide hope for less fortunate kids that did not have the opportunity to go trick or treating.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Teachers were in charge of communication between schools, and all social media posts. Teachers from each school prepared a board briefs memo to share the community service efforts with the district. Students were in charge of facilitating the challenge and counting all of the donated candy. Students made announcements over the intercom and participated in a luncheon with a member of the Open Door Mission. The collaboration efforts of both schools took 30,000 pieces of candy out of Millard.