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Couch Potatoes to Daily Walkers

Carrie Eby,   Prairieview School
Physical Activity Participation
Couch Potatoes to Daily Walkers
We had a group of students who didn't participate well in PE class. In fact, hated physical activity in general. They didn't understand the point of walking, didn't want to sweat, and didn't want to even understand why physical fitness is important long term. I slowly started to build a relationship with the students to see what their interests were. While we were doing this, we were walking outside enjoying the weather. Each day we would walk a little further and/or a little faster. The group then became walking buddies every day and held each other accountable. They all got Fitbits to see who had the most steps the day before!

How did you accomplish your goals?

The biggest thing that helped was building a relationship with the students and get them to talk and walk at the same time to realize that physical fitness is more than just games or sports. They didn't realize we would walk over 1.5 miles a day in 20 min or so.