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Cow Visit to Flower Mound

Beverly Jordan,   Flower Mound El
Farm to School — Know Your Foods
Access to Healthy Foods
This year, Flower Mound Elementary had a dairy farmer and dairy cow visit our school. Through the Southwest Dairy Farmers Association, a mobile milking station was set up for the students to view. The students observed a cow being milked by a machine while a dairy farmer explained what was happening. The students learned a cow’s “daily schedule”. For instance, when they are milked, how much milk most cows produce and how the farmers collect the milk. Mr. Aaron also explained how the milk gets from the farm to the grocery store. Important facts regarding milk and dairy health benefits were shared with our students also. The students enjoyed the event and still talk about it today!  

How did you accomplish your goals?

Another PE teacher in our district shared the information for the Southwest Dairy Farm visit. She also walked me through the process of how to contact the visit coordinator and gave me suggestions of the how to prepare and conduct the visit.