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Create, Taste, and Share a Smoothie

Gerald Tenebruso,   Benjamin Franklin
Access to Healthy Foods,  Student Leadership
Create, Taste, and Share a Smoothie

Since the start of the school year, the Fuel Up to Play 60 team at our school has been trying to encourage their fellow classmates as well as their parents and teachers to start their days off with a healthy snack. Our school already has breakfast in the classroom program running; however, our team still wanted to focus on even healthier options that could be consumed by everyone. To do this the team began a 3-part smoothie plan. Part one: the Program Advisor selects one ingredient and has each team member create a healthy smoothie recipe at their homes with the help of their parents. The families are expected to not only create the recipe, but to taste it as well in order to make sure it would be approved flavor-wise by other students. The idea behind this is to expose the students to at least one healthy ingredient that is outside of their comfort zone and at the same time to encourage more active engagement of healthy snacking between the team member and their families. Part two: each team member was to bring the recipe into the school, where the entire team could vote on which recipe sounded the best. Once the group voted on one recipe, the Program Advisor made that smoothie for the entire team to enjoy together. After having tasted the smoothie, the team voted on a clever name for the smoothie and also created flyers encouraging others to try the smoothie as well. Part three: the students took the flyer that they created and approached all of the teachers in the building. They explained to the teachers what they created and why, and took orders from the teachers as to which ones wanted to taste the smoothie. The next morning, the team assembled in the gym, blended together multiple batches of the smoothie and then served all of the teachers their very own glass of the healthy Friday breakfast smoothie. The compliments from the teachers and staff that ordered the smoothies were great, but what was even more gratifying was watching the team members come back to the gym and ask for more of the smoothie for themselves and their friends to drink. To see them start this process with cringes of having to create a pumpkin (the chosen main ingredient) smoothie because of fear of the taste, to then seeing the students asking for seconds, was amazing to see.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We plan on making this last throughout the school year by creating a new smoothie recipe once a month, utilizing in-season fruits and vegetables.