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Crest View Road Race

Stacey Nelson,   Crest View Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
Crest View Road Race
We had our whole school run the mile run together. Grades 3-5 ran the race first, and while they were running, grades pre-k to 2nd grade were around the course cheering on the runners. Once grades 3- 5 were done running, they went to cheer on grades pre-k to 2nd . At the end of the race, staff members would record the students times on their race number. Each student got a Gatorade and granola bar once they were finished. Classes made signs to cheer on the runners. Families came to cheer on their students and some even ran with their child.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Some staff members ran with the students to help encourage them and to challenge them. Towards the end of the race, staff members would try and motivate the students that are walking to run to the finish line.