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Destination Walk

James Gulley,   Spring Creek Sixth Grade
Physical Activity Participation
During the long Iowa Winter months, cabin fever can set in pretty quickly, and only gets worse when Spring is right around the corner. Recently, during a March Madness celebration activity, the additional choice to participate in a "Destination Walk" was given. Before class, we had printed out a map of Altoona's many walking/biking trails, highlighted them and marked them with the distances to different destinations along the real life trail. Students were asked to pick a destination to walk to, and try to walk that distance inside our gym. We did not expect to see and hear such enthusiasm for an imaginary walk around our town. By the end of class we were being asked all kinds of questions about our town's trails, and how they could do the walk in real life after school when the weather is warmer.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Keep sharing opportunities our town supplies to children that they might not know about.