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Dynamic Degan Eagles

MIKE SLOWN,   Degan El
Physical Activity Participation
We have been doing FUTP 60 for multiple years here at Degan Elementary. Our students look forward to it every year. I can honestly say that every year we get stronger, faster, and smarter with our FUTP 60 skills. Throwing, catching, and foot speed always improves due to the large amounts of physical activity participation we have. Then with flag pulling, our students really love that the most!! They take being aggressive to a whole new level. It is truly amazing to see them run after their opponents and hold the captured flag up high. The new addition that we learned more about this year was Food Nutrition and the extra benefits it adds to provide their growing bodies with fuel and energy. The students really received the knowledge that nutrition helps them a lot in sports and life. My favorite thing about FUTP 60 is the excitement it brings to the students. It helps the students realize the importance of eating proper foods and getting exercise and stronger in athletics. FUTP 60 creates skills and knowledge for kids to have for a lifetime.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Hand-eye coordination has improved, Throwing and Catching Skills improved, speed and footwork has improved. Strategy and teamwork has improved, and Nutrition knowledge has improved