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Early Birds Club

Domonique Lewis,   Jones Elementary School
After-School Drills and Skills
Physical Activity Participation
Early Birds Club

Several students at Jones Elementary have stepped up their game with the Early Bird Club. Here is a Success Story from a 4th Grader: " Early birds make me want to be a better athlete and student. It gets me motivated to get up and want to get to school and have fun with my friends and encourage others to want to do the same. We play a new sport and game all the time and we also learn how to live healthy."' When I read stories that students give me about their motivation for being an awesome Eagle, I get excited.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Our Early Bird Group has grown from 20 to 80 students. Students must meet several requirements to be a part of the club. The current members have been talking about it to everyone and now, all the kids want to be a part. We have seen a tremendous change in several challenging students needing an outlet to have fun in a safe manner. The are learning to be responsible to be a part of something special.

How did you accomplish your goals?

This year our goals were to form a team of highly motivated students, teachers, and parents. We have depended on parents to volunteer for Early Birds FUTP 60 and mentoring. Our community and school environment is catching fire with wanting to have fun and learn in a positive way. With our motivated students we are involving a lot of students that we may sometimes miss or overlook, but our students recognize how to get others involved better than I can sometimes.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

The challenges is having enough funding to add extra equipment to the program to expand on lead up games. Our outdoor facility is lacking the heavy duty equipment necessary for the major sports. We are managing several fundraisers as well as applying for grants to help pay for some of the things we need.