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Eat a Rainbow Every Day, Human Hungry Hippo

Tara Gomez,   Arthur Mcneil Elementary School

McNeil staff met up after school to talk about how they can spread the word of eating a variety of fresh foods every day to help fuel the brain and provide long lasting energy. Staff members also discussed the benefits from eating each color of whole foods in the rainbow. For example: eating fruits and veggies that are red in color help benefit heart and blood heath as well as help fight cancer. After brainstorming ways to help students get on board with eating a rainbow every day, the staff played a vigorous activity divided into several teams where the goal was to collect the most variety of colorful balls (whole food items) to win the round in a game we call "Human Hungry Hippo."

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Continue the monthly "Taste it Tuesday" cafeteria challenge and promote eating breakfast and lunch at school. Monthly newsletters resources for brain food lunchbox and snack food items.