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Eat smart to work and play hard.

Jan Baisden,   Navarre Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods

Navarre Elementary has encouraged all students to start each day fueled up with breakfast. All students are eligible for a free breakfast but less than half of our students eat breakfast at school. More of our younger students take advantage of the free breakfast compared to the students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. We kicked off the importance of school breakfast by inviting parents to come to school and eat breakfast with their student. Since the kickoff we have had an increase in breakfast participation including older students. We are serving breakfast in a classroom for 7th grade students and reward them with smoothies and other healthy snacks for eating breakfast. In addition, we have taken the opportunity to include low-fat dairy in our breakfast program to increase dairy consumption. Overall, more of our students are starting the day with some healthy brain foods including low-fat dairy products to promote overall health. We have continued to encourage breakfast participation by handing out raffle tickets to all students who attend breakfast. We draw names several times a week for prizes. The kids love the prizes which include dog-tags with health messages, Frisbee discs, jump ropes, and water bottles. Breakfast is also promoted in our newsletters. We have had several smoothie parties to encourage dairy consumption and the kids loved it. To increase physical activity in our students we have started the 100 mile club and an afterschool fitness club. The 100 Mile club is designed to improve kids’ health by providing a fun and safe place for students to walk before school. We play music for the students to get them moving. Each student has a punch card to record how many miles they have walked. The students are awarded with toe tokens for miles completed. We share our student success with the school by displaying footprints with student’s names who have met certain milestones in the club. Our walkers are very proud of their accomplishments. Secondly, the fitness has been very successful. We purchased a variety of equipment that allows us to engage the students in some fun physical activities. We reward the students who attend the club with a health snack.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We will continue to promote breakfast by offering incentives.