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Eating Fruities Gets You Smoothies

Jacob Schultz,   Kegonsa El
Access to Healthy Foods
Eating Fruities Gets You Smoothies

We started our Fuel Up to Play 60 program this past November. Even though it’s been a short amount of time, the changes our students have made are evident each and every day. The Play we selected was the Snack Smarter in School Play. As a group we saw a need to improve the food students brought in from home along with improving their access to quality food while they’re at school. Our first change was to get students to become more aware of their fruits and vegetables intake. As part of this we started fruit and vegetable classroom challenges. Students are now challenged to monitor their fruit and veggie consumption on a classroom chart by marking a tally each time they eat a food from one of these categories. I set a predetermined goal and if it is met the entire class earns a smoothie party. Out of the 6 participating FUTP 60 classes, 3 have already completed their first goal. We also made a school wide change with our “Take a Fruit, Leave a Fruit” program. We now have baskets set up in our cafeteria where students can put uneaten whole pieces of peeled fruit. The fruit is then washed and redistributed in our front entry way, where students can come throughout the day for a healthy snack. Through these programs and execution of our Play, students, classrooms and our school are seeing a transformation.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We saw great changes in individual students, classrooms and our entire school. One great change that our staff has seen is students now bringing in fruits or vegetables rather than cookies for snacks. For classroom parties, teachers are now only serving healthy options like fruit, yogurt parfaits etc. Also, our “Take a Fruit, Leave a Fruit” program has given students who otherwise may not have access to quality fruit the option to have some throughout the school day.