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Everyone Can Join In

Rich Santiago,   Americana Intermediate School
Physical Activity Participation

As a school the students and I decided that we needed more opportunities for movement and exercise. In order to provide more opportunities we had a cross country club in which 120 students participated in. We had a dance club in which 40 kids participated in. We have a girls on the run club, which currently has 30 girls in it. We also have classes collect “Paw Prides”, these are tickets for following the school wide rules. The class can collectively hold on to these until they reach a certain amount and turn them in for 15 minutes of extra recess. We also had a parent night in which one of the stations was team building and fitness in the gym. We have also really made a home-school connection by sending home fitness workouts and things that students could do with their families during school breaks.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We have seen a huge improvement at our school. Kids are excited and want to improve their fitness levels. Parents have commented that kids are choosing to do other physical activities on their own time, oppose to just playing video games. Staff members have joined in the fun and are modeling great behavior for the students. Students are finding and creating more activities at recess in order to increase their physical activity.