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Fairfield Flyers

Jennie Kolpak,   Fairfield Elem. School
Access to Healthy Foods, Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork
Fairfield Flyers
Six Bethel schools received a Fuel Up to Play 60 grant. The funds were used to purchase new salad bars, new cafeteria décor and recess equipment. A “kickoff” was held to raise awareness and encourage all students to Fuel Up and Play 60 every day. Starting at breakfast, healthy choices were highlighted and students received incentives for eating. Lemon Velvet Smoothies were offered in the cafeteria. To keep the momentum rolling, an assembly was held where nutritionists taught students about healthy eating and students showcased how to “play 60.” Students demonstrated a selection of recess games from the newly implemented "Play Works" program and also participated in a physical activity parade. A student pedaled on the smoothie-making bicycle while students were led in the “Fuel Up to Play – Eat the Rainbow” chant by a dietetic intern. "Fruits! Veggies! Ooh-La-La I eat them cooked, I eat them raw From red to purple, From short to long Fruits and veggies make me strong! New tastes and colors, every day With every meal, I fuel up to play!" The festivities continued into lunchtime. The lunchroom was decorated with fun images and posters encouraging wholesome meals. The EAT THE RAINBOW poem was placed on each of the tables. Students were encouraged to “make a rainbow” with at least 3 different colors at the salad bar. At the end of the day, students took home the Lemon Velvet Smoothie recipe and Fuel Up to Play 60 information to their families.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Funds were used to purchase recess kits to support PlayWorks, a program that provides students with structured physical activity during recess. Monitors are trained to provide mentoring to students at recess daily. A salad bar was purchased allowing the school to provide an attractive offering of "the rainbow" daily. The visual appeal is key to encouraging students in making healthful choices. The cafeteria décor creates a visually appealing environment that reinforces Healthy Food Everywhere