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Fairmount Dairy Tour

Daphne Taylor,   Fairmount Public School
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Community Involvement
Fairmount Dairy Tour
On March 25th 2019 I took grades 4-6 to Riverview Dairy for a tour. The kids learned all about how cows are milked and where the milk goes, The milk from the cows goes to a cheese factory where our school gets their cheese from, so that was neat. The tour was about 2 hours long. The kids also got to go to the barn were the cows are kept until milking time. They learned how to walk up to the cows slowly so the cows were not scared and would lick their hands. The kids had so much fun learning all about it that they wanted to go see it again. We got to see a about 5 baby calves that were born the day we went, and we also got to watch a man clean the cows hooves. So all in all, it was a great time

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We all worked together as a team when we went there by being respectful to the employees and the dairy cows.