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Fairmount Park Falcons Fly

Mark Bender,   Fairmount Park Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation

We had a goal to increase our overall student fitness and cardiorespiratory endurance while increasing motivation to work hard. We monitored using the Being Fit Matters testing, pedometers, and lap count. Students take part in a weekly running day to achieve as many miles as they can. We purchased pedometers and rewards for each 5 miles achieved. The students really bought into the rewards of bracelets and foot charms representing each 5 miles achieved. We also used charms for each 25 miles completed. The student response has been outstanding! Students work well to motivate and encourage each other to do better each week. Sportsmanship has also been reinforced as students enjoy seeing their friends achieve milestones and obtain the charms. Pedometers have allowed us to incorporate technology and tie in real-life ways to monitor activity. Students love to compare steps and show staff just how many steps they are getting! They push themselves to see how many more they can get as well to monitor their own success. We have seen a positive mindset for running/walking for fitness. Weekly distances have been increasing as well.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We have seen increased student motivation and fitness. An understanding and excitement for technology in fitness has also been reinforced. Students have gained a better understanding of technology, distances, math, fitness, and motivation to do their best and improve their scores and achieve goals set by themselves!