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Farm Fresh Fridays

Nichole Villarreal,   Montclair Elementary School
Farm to School — Know Your Foods
Student Leadership
Farm Fresh Fridays
On National Farmers Day, we kicked off our Farm Fresh Fridays in the cafeteria. With the help of our cafeteria manager, we got information about where our lunch food comes from. We learned that it is all locally provided from farms in the area, so we came up with the Farm Fresh Friday Challenge. Every Friday, students are encouraged to try a different fruit, vegetable, or dairy product at lunch. If they do, they get a sticker that says "Farm Fresh Fridays, I Tried Local". The kids loved it and more students were trying different kinds of foods and liking them. The Fuel up to Play 60 student team decided to take it one step farther. They got together with the counselor to discuss having a dairy farmer come out as part of the Counselors College and Job Readiness guest speaker series. She was on board and the team set it up. They made a plan for students to wear cow attire on the day the speaker was scheduled. The team also handed out milk mustache stickers as students where coming into the presentation. The farmer brought her Mobile Dairy Classroom and talked to the kids about where their milk comes from and about cows. Then the kids got to see a real live cow get milked. They loved seeing in person where milk comes from. The team did a great job hosting the event with speaker.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students had to work with both the Cafeteria Manager and the Councilor to get things organized. They worked on finding out what items were farm fresh on Fridays so that they could highlight them on the announcements. They had to talk to the counselor about the guest speaker series and see if it fit her schedule and how it coincides with her message as well.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We continue to give stickers to kids that are trying the new locally grown food and highlight the food in announcements.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Kids are excited to see what food is being featured. They are asking questions about their food and where it comes from. The kids are also going outside their comfort zone to become healthy.