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Feathers for Fitness

Liza Asch,   Equestrian Trails Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
Feathers for Fitness

The Wellness Team held a fundraiser from Nov. 1 - Thanksgiving. Every teacher was given a paper turkey (without feathers) to hang on their doors. The Wellness Team sold feathers for a quarter. On each feather was an exercise - all exercises that could be done by any teacher no matter what they were wearing or what shape they were in. In order to add the feather to a teacher's turkey, the teacher along with her/his students, had to perform the exercises. They could put them all together to do during recess or use them as brain breaks throughout the day. The fundraiser was a HUGE success on so many levels! We are thinking about other ways to use this fundraiser (petals for flowers for Spring, gold for the end of the rainbow for St. Patrick's Day, Hearts for Heart month, etc.) once more this year.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

There were some teachers that didn't want to give up the time (not that it was a lot) or just couldn't be bothered, but the Wellness Team explained how simple it was, that the purpose was to get EVERYONE up and moving, and for them to set a good example. That and a little pressure from the students and the teachers were willing to join in.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We would like to do this fundraiser again in the second half of the year to raise more money, but to add a little enthusiasm to a very dull testing time.