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Ferry Pass Elementary Smoothie Day

Lisa Moss,   Ferry Pass Elementary School
Build Your Own Shake-Up
Access to Healthy Foods, Community Involvement,  Success with Funds
Ferry Pass Elementary Smoothie Day
Students were able to participate and learn about various types of healthy, dairy snacks, during our Smoothie Day. Students were able to sample three different types of fruit and dairy smoothies. Students were able to assist in making the smoothies, by measuring ingredients and even blending the smoothies with the bike blender! In addition to the bike blender, there were electric blenders used as well. Students actually preferred the taste and consistency of the bike blended smoothies better! A local nutritionist oversaw the making of the smoothies and educated students on the benefits of dairy and healthy snacks! Students can now take this new information home, and put it use when they are making snack choices for themselves and their families!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students were able to assist the adults in the making of the smoothies. We had a local nutritionist oversee the entire project and she would allocate different tasks for the students. Each of these tasks were in some way related to the making of the smoothies. There were also adults that monitored the blending of the smoothies and the bike blender! Without the students the smoothies would not have been made!