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Finding New Friends

Aaron Bailey,   Jefferson Elementary School
 In September at Jefferson, we started a Walking Club in the morning for students who get dropped off or come to school early. We started the Walking Club because we wanted to increase the students' activity instead having them stand around before school. The Walking Club walks our track outside while the weather is nice and when it is cold outside we bring the Walking Club inside, where we have a walking path.  As the months went on, we got more and more students that would come early to school just to walk. This is a great opportunity for students and staff to wake themselves up and energize themselves. Students and staff here at Jefferson really enjoy walking club as it also gives them opportunity to talk to there friends. The Jefferson Walking Club has been a wonderful addition to our school. Allowing students to walk when they are dropped off early, has alleviated so many supervision issues and cut down on the number of before-school behavior incidences. Walking allows students to start their day on a positive note and gets their bodies moving right away. It's an easy way to add some physical activity to the day. I really enjoy walking with students in the morning.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

It has cut down the before school incidents. It gets their bodies moving, so they are focused for their first class.