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First Grade Milk Tasting

Erin Greiner,   Cheyenne Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
First Grade Milk Tasting

Here at Cheyenne, we are committed to providing healthy foods to our students in a variety of different ways! We encouraged our SWAT team to come up with a way to get other students involved. They decided to host a before school fruit tasting and a milk tasting during lunch. The students who ate breakfast on our fruit tasting day were offered cantaloupe to try, a fruit that is not often featured on our menu. The SWAT students handed out samples and encouraged all kiddos to have a taste! Our initial milk tasting was held during first grade lunch. The SWAT students involved set up a table with different varieties of milk, chocolate, plain, and strawberry! Students were encouraged to try all three! After tasting all three, the SWAT team gave the first graders tickets to choose their favorite milk. Chocolate was their favorite!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We plan to make this play work during the school year by choosing a different grade level each month to participate in a food/milk tasting activity during lunch or breakfast. The food/milk tasting only takes about 20 minutes so it is an easy way to implement the play.