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Football Toss - A Friendly Football Competition

Deb Barnhill,   Westwood Elementary School
Super “Bowl” Party
Student Leadership
Football Toss - A Friendly Football Competition
This year, our Westwood Ambassadors hosted a Football Toss right before the Superbowl. Our whole elementary school participated. We set up targets in the gym and all the kids each tossed 4 footballs to try and hit the targets or get as close as they could. We measured and the winners were given footballs, 1 per class per grade. The kids had a blast cheering for each other. Almost everyone had on a football jersey that day from their favorite team. We promoted this for three weeks prior and reminded the kids to practice outside as part of their 60 minutes of excersie each day! I think we have some Future Quarterbacks here at Westwood Elementary!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The Ambassadors coordinated everything during our meetings . They approached our Principal with the idea and as always, he jumped on board and even competed. The Ambassadors worked out the time schedules with all the teachers and ran the whole day.