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Frelon Cafe

Jacob Palte,   Cory-rawson High School
Breakfast For Everyone — First Meal Matters
Community Involvement, Student Leadership,  Success with Funds
We noticed that a large number of students at our school were bringing in coffee from different places. That gave us the idea to open a coffee bar at the school on Friday’s to save students time and money, as well as bringing in profit for the school. We started by researching the success rate of coffee bars from other schools and seeing how they were run. We found that a majority of these coffee bars were very successful in bringing in extra profits for the school and a lot of students from the other schools liked the idea of the coffee bar. Next, we started asking around our school to see what the students and staff thought about our idea. We also asked what kind of drinks they would prefer to see at this coffee bar vs what the cafeteria already sells in the morning. After that, we had to seek permission from not only our principal but the cafeteria workers too. They happily agreed to let us run this coffee bar. Our next step was designing the whole idea. Our first step was researching different coffee and trying to find a cheap, healthy coffee to provide, while also providing different kinds. We then looked into cups, small and large, to see how much each cup of coffee would cost. After that, we decided on a price that would have our school making a profit with each cup sold. To make the cafe our own, we designed stickers to put on the cups and named our coffee bar Frelon Cafe, meaning hornet coffee in French. Once we bought our coffee and decided on prices, we started experimenting with the coffee to find  enjoyable blends. To ensure that our coffee tasted good, we had teachers and a couple students taste test our blends. Once we found the right blends, it was time to open the coffee bar. The first two weeks we ran the cafe, we ran it in the FCS Lab and made around $10-$12 each week. We decided to move it into the open area of our old cafeteria and business picked up. After that, we started making around $15-$17 each week. I’d say we’ve been running the cafe for about 5 or 6 weeks now and it’s been able to bring in a bit of profit for our school each week. It’s something I’d recommend trying to start at your school as a fun way to make money but also to learn different skills for running and managing a business.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

At first it was difficult getting business because we started selling in a classroom. Once we got out in the open, we were able to get a lot more business and make more money than we did before.