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Friday FUTP 60 5th Grade Dairy-licious Challenges

Docia Craft,   Murchison Elementary School
Student Leadership
Friday FUTP 60 5th Grade Dairy-licious Challenges

Student leaders appear on Friday announcements to report on the progress of our FUTP 60 team-building campaign. Leaders then announce the next week's class-to-class challenge. For instance, this week Mrs. C's class is challenging Mrs. M's class to try Greek yogurt. On Tuesday, we will provide each of Mrs. M's classmates with a Greek yogurt taste sample. If all of Mrs. M's team tackles the challenge, Mrs. M will be able to throw down the proverbial gauntlet during the next Friday's FUTP 60 feature.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

With a successful 5th grade campaign will come natural inquiries from other grade levels who are motivated by the FUTP 60 team-building components. We are able to expand the taste-testing to PK-4th grades.