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Friday Night Lights

Paul Garza,   L B Johnson Elem
Community Involvement
Friday Night Lights

Our school's Ambassadors took the campaign to the field, literally. On a regular schedule high school football game, LBJ’s elementary Ambassadors promoted Fuel Up to Play 60 at the game. The Ambassadors invited their family and friends and wore their FUTP 60 shirts, took pictures, jumbotron appearance and sat front and center during the game. The Ambassadors' main goal this year is to spread the word about Fuel Up to Play 60 at school and around the community. The Ambassadors were invited to a football game and they decided to promote the program by wearing their shirts, have the play by play commentator announce Fuel Up to Play 60, its meaning and the work they do throughout the year. Before the game, the ambassadors met other school Ambassadors and took pictures together. They felt that this showed district-wide pride in Fuel Up to Play 60. The Ambassadors were amazed at the amount of attention that they got from friends, family, football players, and audience members. The comments that they received were to “keep doing a good job” and “I want to join.” The Ambassadors sat 5 ft. from the end zone and cheered every time our football team scored. During the game, the jumbotron focused on the Ambassadors, showing the crowd that Fuel Up to Play 60 exists in our schools and community. All in all, the Ambassadors felt like it was a great success!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students and adults came together to organize a team appearance at a football game. Students talked to parents about their idea of attending a football game and promoting FUTP 60, and the adults helped get them there.