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Frontier Health Jam

Mary Lou Clough,   Frontier Elementary School
Community Involvement
Frontier Health Jam

The Health Jam targets the entire school population: students, staff and community. Frontier’s Health Jam is a full day event where the entire student body rotates through stations related to health and wellness, safety issues, and, most importantly, physical activities. Some of the events this year included: Miles the Broncos Mascot during our Fuel Up to Play 60 kick off assembly, Bike Safety, yoga, Electrical Safety, Germ busters, Calming strategies, dental, CSPD K-9 unit, and jump roping.The entire Healthy Schools Team, the entire staff, and several members from the Frontier Community, were involved in planning, organizing and running the Health Jam. The students had a wonderful time going through all the station rotations and getting to try new activities. They also learned a lot of information on healthy living and were given sample of various items to take home. The staff and community learned right along with the students. Everyone was talking about how exciting it was and how much fun they had. What made this year special was the students, towards the end of the day, had their Valentine celebration. Healthy Schools asked for sweets in moderation but more importantly kids were given ideas and tasted some healthy versions of “party foods” Many classes had yogurt sundaes incorporating several “good for us” food groups like dairy, whole grains and fruits. Some had creative vegetable snacks. Many students were heard that they couldn’t wait for the health jam to take place again next year.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

One of our challenges was finding volunteers to help out at our Health Jam. Since this was our fourth year doing a Health Jam we are always looking for new volunteers, so this year we asked our staff if they knew of anyone who would like to help out at the Health Jam. We got several new volunteers; one of them was a great yoga instructor the primary grades.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We have seen an increase in participation in Fuel Up to Play 60 since the Kickoff Assembly with Miles. Staff and students are also participating more in activities outside of the school days such as sports, before and after school activities. Staff and students are starting to think more about nutrition and safety issues.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We will to continue to be a Fuel Up to Play 60 school and continue to encourage our students to use the website. Our school continues to encourage healthy choices for staff, students, and community. One example is the school started a before school walking club that is open to parents, students, and staff.