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Frosty Friday at Riverbend

Geoff Chaffin,   Riverbend Elementary School
Highlight Healthy Foods — Go Nutritious
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Frosty Friday at Riverbend
Students at Riverbend Elementary kicked off their learning with Frosty Fridays, fueling their bodies with fresh smoothies prepared by students and their parents. Frosty Friday is one of the favorite days where students and teachers sampled freshly prepared smoothies to learn about healthy eating choices. Students and teachers alike tasted fresh fruit, yogurt-based smoothies to have more opportunities to try dairy products throughout their day. Teachers enjoyed a new smoothie every Friday and served as role models to students about healthy choices. Students asked about their teachers' favorite and teachers provided insight on how to make eating healthy fun. Many of our ingredients came straight from our garden where students planted and grew the ingredients throughout the school year. Teachers even took Frosty Friday to provide a cross-curricular opportunity for students to write about their experience. Students participated in writing "Smoothie Reviews", telling others about their positive experience sampling smoothies.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Students have really taken to wanting to learn more about eating healthy as well as finding ways to make it fun and more exciting. Eating Healthy isn't boring at Riverbend with our Frosty Friday program.