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Fruit-fully Smart Snacks

Monica Villegas,   Cesar Chavez Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods

Together with the school district, students are given snacks 4 times a week. These snacks are fruits and vegetables. The unique thing about this is that these snacks are not usually bananas or grapes. Instead students are trying new options. Many students have tasted jicama, passion fruit, star fruit, and beets for the first time because of this program. The great thing is that students enjoy these new fruit options. Not only do they get a healthy snack, but they are given information on the snack as well and how it benefits their bodies, providing nutrients and vitamins. In PE we reinforce and discuss what they have learned about each snack. It is a win-win situation.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We have seen a change in the students and the snack choices they make. Some students have begun to bring sliced fruit or veggies as a snack instead of chips or other processed snacks. We have discussed how different they feel as well after eating "junk" or healthy fruits and vegetables.