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Fuel Up Fridays at Baker

Laura Brennan,   Baker Middle School
Physical Activity Participation
Fuel Up Fridays at Baker
At the beginning of the year, we polled our students to see which physical activities they would most enjoy. We taught various games and activities during PE class with our curriculum. Classes that successfully completed lessons throughout the week were given the opportunity to pick the physical activity they wanted to participate in on Fridays. As a result, physical activity engagement sky rocketed! Fridays choice play was such a hit, that we continue this protocol every week. We like to call it "Fuel Up Fridays" to remind students why their participation is so important to their overall health.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Getting students who do not enjoy sports, or fear embarrassment was a challenge. Teaching basic games and offering choice play on Friday really helped open students' minds to new things. Knowing that they would have a choice on Friday if they participated and learned at the beginning of the week, really helped increase engagement in all types of PE and health lessons.