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No Exclusions

Megan Baier,   Oak Park School
All In, All Abilities — Activate Your School!
Physical Activity Participation
No Exclusions
Oak Park School is a district center school that provides educational and therapeutic services to over 300 students with disabilities. As a PE Department, we have the unique task of servicing physical, mental, and cognitive abilities. Our goal is to create adaptive PE lessons that meet the needs of our diverse population. Of course, this comes with its challenges, which is why we are so excited to now offer the Xbox Kinect to our classroom/gym experience. We chose the All In, All Abilities Physical Play because this aligns perfectly with our population in that we look for ways to engage ALL students, regardless of their disabilities. Using the Xbox Kinect allows us to introduce new sports to our wheelchair students. For instance, our Success Story picture includes a girl that has been in a wheelchair her entire life and has never played a tennis match. With this game (Sports Rivals), and its virtual reality component, she is able to become the competitor on screen. Using the Xbox Kinect broadens the scope of what we can offer our students. We look forward to offering this for years to come. No one will be left out of the competition. They can and WILL become a champion for life!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The biggest improvement has been the inclusion of all students, no matter what their ability is. They can all participate in becoming the athlete that they never thought they could be. It opens their minds to achieving new and challenging tasks. It takes the limitations off, and puts the expectations of greatness on!