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Our Mile Club for Everyone

Stephanie FUGINA,   Phillips Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation

I have a running club during our physical education classes each day. Students receive PE bucks for every mile they earn. The PE bucks can be saved or spent each day. One of the things to save for is a class free day, 25 PE bucks. I have a student with special needs and he has been participating but not really pushing himself, getting the minimum, one half mile. He is very easily distracted even on our track. Recently he came to me and wanted to know how many PE bucks he needed to earn a free day for the class!! He has totally made my day and is now getting four laps, which is earning "HIM" a PE buck. He is so excited to donate to his class for the free day. He is excited about working as a team and pushing himself. He has also started giving me words for the ward wall to donate to his class jar for a free day!!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

I am motivating kids to do their best and even get our of their comfort zone. My goal is lifetime fitness and for the kids to find something they can do to be physically active. The PE bucks are huge at our school for motivating. The track is our "moderate to vigorous " activity and each student has a min to do to play the activity. We now have students working together and motivating each other to get 6 sticks, a mile.