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Creating the Best Farm to School Trip Ever

Rita Baszler,   Washington 4th/5th Grade Ctr
Farm to School — Know Your Foods
Community Involvement,  Teamwork
Creating the Best Farm to School Trip Ever

Our students planed our second Farm to School field trip along side community members and friends. Our trip was on May 4th. All 225 5th graders and staff toured the Lazy J Dairy farm, near Wolsey SD, where they milk 1000 cows three times a day. Here, students also learned about farming crops to feed the cows. Next ,students visited North Central Farmer's Elevator. Students learned about farmers bringing crops by the truckload to be sold or bought and how other crops are shipped via trains all over America. At this stop, the students toured a farm safety trailer to learn about farm safety. Finally, the students were bused to the Jungemann Sheep farm where they learned about the wool industry. The Jungemann’s also had pigs, chickens, and other livestock for students to observe. At this farm, SD Weed control informed the students about not only weeds, but also brought their glass enclosed beehive so that the students could witness the intricate work of the bees as they made honey. The field trip was tons of fun and very educational. The parents really took the lead on this project. They solicited businesses to provide baseball caps for the students to wear. Each classroom wore a different brand of hat so that it was easier to keep track of the students. After the first year, other businesses wanted to get involved and provide educational access to their equipment. The parents organized all of the stations and have found volunteers to man all of it. I am so grateful for them. The field trip took one whole day and the learning that took place was priceless.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We have had several meetings to plan the field trip. These students were also involved in making the video of our trip like last year's video.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our goals were accomplished by exposing the students to the agricultural industry. They will better understand what it takes to plan a field trip and also where our food comes from.