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Day at the Farm for Seaman High

Claudia Welch,   Seaman High School
Success with Funds
Local second graders had fun on the farm with Seaman High School students. There were 49 high school students that had the opportunity to teach 400 Seaman District second grade students about agriculture (where their food comes from). This event allowed high school students the opportunity to be in charge for once and get to teach. This is the coolest thing ever for a high school student. Fuel Up to Play 60 leadership team and the FFA (Future Farmers of America) students set up informational sessions on dairy, animals, agriculture, pollination and bees, and got to be teachers for the day! During the sessions, the second graders saw where their food comes from, how to take good care of animals and the environment. Teachers say it's important for students to get out of the classroom and gain hands-on experience. "These second graders actually get to touch these animals and have hands on-experiences with planting seeds and getting to see the different parts of a vegetable,". which is pretty cool," said Megan Vangordon, the Seaman High School Ag teacher. Seaman District teachers say the second graders get more out of learning from someone closer to their age than from adults. The high school and second grade students and staff appreciated the assistance from Midwest Dairy, Shawnee County farmers, Topeka Saddle Club, Fuel Up to Play 60, and all the volunteers for helping make this event possible. What a great learning experience for all ages!

How did you accomplish your goals?

Providing information to our students about where their food comes from and holding taste tests, allowing student to try local, seasonal items. In return, they encouraged their classmates to try new nutrient-rich foods. The Day at the Farm activity allowed our high school students to introduce farm to school items to over 400 district second graders. We believe this activity increased consumption with the nutrition education at the elementary level.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Our FFA student emerged and became our Fuel Up to Play 60 leadership team. They provided nutritional information, and a farm fun run course with hay bales, pumpkins, ropes, eggs, and a nutritional snack. They were the volunteers for our 5K fun run encouraging our Walking Club members. These students encouraged their peers, family members, and neighbors to participate with them. You now see community members, families walking our trail, and students using it throughout the day.