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Food Recovery for Families in Need

Jennifer Aubel,   Hillside Elementary School
Fight Hunger — Help Nourish Your Community
Access to Healthy Foods, Community Involvement,  Student Leadership
Food Recovery for Families in Need
During a prior school year, a parent liaison developed a program of food recovery from the school cafeteria to be delivered to Loudoun Hunger Relief. The parent liaison ended her job position and the program was discontinued. FUTP 60 students remembered that program and initiated the re-start of the program. They developed announcements to introduce the program during the morning news show. We have reminder announcements weekly about items that can be collected. In the cafeteria, baskets are placed on the FUTP 60 table for items like craisins, bagels and whole fresh fruit in their original unopened packaging. A small refrigerator was sanitized and placed in the corner of the cafeteria for students to place unopened milk, juices, cheese sticks and yogurts. Once a week either a program sponsor or a teacher who volunteers at Loudoun Hunger Relief drops off the items collected. They are then distributed to local families in need. This group of students also collect breakfast foods for Loudoun Hunger Relief during a two week period in January. Students collected 150 pounds of cereals, oatmeal, juice boxes, pop-tart pastries, peanut butter, jelly and granola bars. The day the items were dropped off at LHR, they were immediately distributed to families.