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Pinewood Panthers Paint Their Cafeteria/Gym

Janet Stammer,   Pinewood Elementary School
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Pinewood Panthers Paint Their Cafeteria/Gym

At Pinewood Elementary students eat lunch in the gymnasium. For many years the wall has been decorated with a very sad looking panther, which is the school mascot. As part of the cafeteria makeover, we decided to invite a muralist in to see if he could come up with a mural that promoted both of the goals of FUTP 60 and the goals of the space. Student Nutrition Services, the principal, the physical education teacher, and students were involved in the project. A mural was painted to promote both exercise and healthy eating. Students got to initially help with the painting before the muralist did the final touches. Our cafeteria now has a beautiful mural on the wall near where students stand to go through the lunch line. We truly have a cafeteria makeover.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our goals were to include the school mascot, healthy eating, and physical activity all in one mural. Our muralist did a fantastic job on this project and he worked with both adults and students to meet these goals. We would highly recommend this as a great activity for schools who want to improve the look of their cafeteria. It will remain on the walls for many years to come.