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Macomber Wildcats on the Run!

Terry Mahjoory,   Alice A Macomber
Physical Activity Participation
Macomber Wildcats on the Run!
Our Macomber Wildcats have taken charge in tackling early morning recess with an emphasis on more movement! For this Play, we have enlisted the help of some super-energetic adults in the building. Students are participating in movement activities with their peers in a newly integrated morning recess area called “FUTP60 Game of the Week”. Our morning recess also includes a new Walking/Running club called “Wildcats on the Run”. Here at the Macomber school, we believe that physically active children are more healthy — socially, emotionally, and academically! This Physical Activity Play will help to incorporate a ton of movement working to elevate heart rates and foster social and emotional learning as children race together!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students are really enjoying the activities they are learning in PE and carrying over to our game of the week. Moving forward I am going to apply for a FUTP60 grant to try to allocate some funding for some recess equipment. Currently I am using my PE equipment and would love to have our own stash of equipment solely to make our recess even more awesome!