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Fuel Your Wheels

Judy Abbey,   Floyd C Fretz Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods, Student Leadership,  Teamwork
Fuel Your Wheels
Students of Fretz Middle School in Bradford, PA. have worked hard trying to incorporate Healthy Snacking in our school. During the Innovation Challenge for Touchdown schools, the leadership group problem solved what is needed in our school. The idea came out to create a “Fuel your Wheels” snack cart to be used after school. Many of the students that stay after school have no way to get a healthy snack. The leadership group met several times with Administration and other faculty to look at statistics about healthy snacks, the cost of the project, and the logistic of how to run the after school snack cart. After working on a presentation, the leadership group was ready to present to the Bradford Area School District School Board. The object was to present their idea and then get the support of the district. Each student presented the project and asked for support. The School Board was very excited about this project and gave their approval to start. “Fuel your Wheels” project was totally developed and created by the Fretz Fuel Up to Play 60 leadership team and will be fully functioning January 2018. Thank you to the Innovation Challenge by the Buffalo Bills and the Fuel Up to Play 60 organization. Students at Fretz Middle School that stay after school for clubs, athletics, band, chorus or just to get extra help from teachers will have the ability to eat a healthy snack to “Fuel their Wheels” and be successful in all endeavors.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students during an Innovation Challenged needed to problem solve and come up with an idea that could benefit our Middle School. Students came up with the idea of Healthy Snacks after school. Students worked with Program Advisors and Administration to get the idea into a working form. Students then presented their idea to the local School Board.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

This is a Play that will be incorporated as an every day activity and will be supported 100% by the school's administration. The need for healthy snacks is an important part of providing a holistic approach to the students.