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Fueling our Students Even on the Weekends!

Heidi Waterkotte,   Oak Grove Elem
Access to Healthy Foods, Student Leadership,  Success with Funds
Fueling our Students Even on the Weekends!

Our school received funding to help enhance our Back Snack program and help feed students and their families over the weekends. We were able to accomplish these goals by creating a Healthy Kids Club to run the program. We also used our funding to help purchase large wagons for distribution of food and several back packs for anonymity among students receiving the service. This play has been a great success! With our community partners we are able to feed more than 60 families over the weekends and our Healthy Kids club members are developing into great leaders!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We have two club sponsors of the Healthy kids club. These adults help find students in need of the service and then the students in the club work on packing the backpacks and delivering the food to students every Friday.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

The wagons we were able to purchase through our funding will be used in years to come to help distribute food. We were also able to purchase backpacks for all the students in the program. The backpacks are returned every Monday and we plan on using these backpacks again in future years.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

It is awesome to see that more students and families are being fed over the weekends because of our efforts. I have also seen our student body members who work on this project developing into great leaders!