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Fun Fitness Fridays

Andrea Monahan,   Glenbard West High School
Physical Activity Participation
Fun Fitness Fridays

How do you incorporate recess into high school? My FUTP60 team came up with the idea of Fun Fitness Fridays! On the second Friday of each month, during the 45 minute lunch period, students from the FUTP60 team at my high school run a physical activity for all students to participate . I feel this is a greatly needed activity break for high-schoolers in their stressful daily lives, and encourages them to get up off their phones and be socially and physically active. Ever since October, we have played Ultimate Frisbee, Spikeball (trending game where players hit a ball off a trampoline), Four Square, and Bean Bag Toss. Out of the 4 lunch periods at our high school, we get about 100 students to participate, and each Fitness Friday has been even more of a success than the last! We strive to make these monthly activities more enjoyable than competitive so everyone feels included and feels comfortable joining in the fun!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Students are up and moving during lunch, rather than sitting at their tables on electronic devices or reading a book. They are engaged, having fun and moving around! They seem happier and look forward to our monthly Fun Fitness Fridays!