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FUTP 60 at the Family Fun Fair

Cristy Tracz,   Euclid Elementary School
The Power Behind the Play
Community Involvement
FUTP 60 at the Family Fun Fair
The Student Ambassadors and Program Advisors at Euclid Elementary School set up a station at the annual Family Fun Fair on Saturday. The kids would come up and get their punch card punched and then roll the dice to see which of the exercises shown on the large screen they would participate in. The kids had a great time trying all of the different exercises and many came back for several attempts at the station. They had fun music playing, Ambassadors helping with the punch cards, leading the exercises and giving away small prizes.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The adults helped to organize the station and access all of the equipment. The Student Ambassadors were then able to set up the station and run it for the entire day. Essentially, the Program Advisors were just there for supervision. It was a great event for everyone.