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FUTP 60 Kick Off-Morning Video Announcements at Hermes

Sue Smith,   Hermes Elementary School
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Student Leadership
FUTP 60 Kick Off-Morning Video Announcements at Hermes
For our FUTP 60 Kick Off, 6th grade students shared “getting healthy” tips for an entire week during our Morning Video Announcements. Tips included eating a healthy breakfast, exercising 60 minutes a day, drinking plenty of water each day, eating fruits and vegetables, and the importance of dairy in their diet. It was a great way to connect with all of our PreK-6th graders on our campus of 1,000 students.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students and adults worked as a team by preparing the announcements. OurProgram Advisor prepared the morning announcements’ script, and our technology teacher produced and edited the announcements. And, most importantly, our 6th grade students presented the announcements wearing Fuel Up to Play 60 t-shirts and had footballs and pompoms in hand. It was a fun, unexpected twist to the announcements and a wonderful way to share the program with our entire campus.