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Game Play for All

Mercedes Wisnar,   Learning Gate Charter School
Game Play for All
One of our 5th grade students was tired of playing the same kick ball game every day at recess with the same people, so he started playing basketball and got other people interested so more people joined in that rarely ever played basketball before. Then started a football game, and even more students participated. He even got some of the girls that never normally played these games involved. They were even looking forward to recess. He even refereed various games and taught his fellow students the rules of the games stressing good sportsmanship. We are currently working together to possibly incorporating this recess model to other grade levels. Thanks to Caleb Sutton, a true leader!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

I have been observing Caleb emerge as a leader at recess, when I told him that we were going to incorporate FUTP 60 at Learning Gate, he was excited and wanted to participate. That was when he told me his idea about starting new games during recess and how he wanted to spread it to other grade levels.