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Gametime for All

Melody Gustafson,   Granite Valley Middle
Physical Activity Participation
Gametime for All
All students and staff spent a 1/2 day at school playing friendly competitions between grades. 5th and 6th grade played a game called nuke-um while the 7th and 8th did volleyball. The excitement started to build a week before when student advisors hung posters throughout the school and made announcements at lunch time. The teams played from a grid that was constructed to look just like the Big 10 college basketball's that were playing at the time! All students received a FUTP 60 certificate and the winning teams received Frisbees.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The adults and students worked together after school on ideas for promoting the school wide kick off competition. What types of activities were decided on by the students and the adult advisors brought it to the Admin level for approval. The Admin gave its full support and helped arrange the time off from learning along with getting the staff to participate. It was a whole school achievement.