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Garden Extravaganza!

Gina Janke,   Hunter Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Garden Extravaganza!

Hunter Elementary was very excited to get a couple garden beds started for students to utilize and learn from the many benefits of healthy eating. Along the process we had other community partners also step up and help. In total we received over $12,000 in donations and grants to have not just a couple beds but a garden bed for each grade level, a learning area included with paving stones and picnic area, fenced perimeter, a shed and an additional 2 garden beds for perennial fruits that students can come and eat the harvest. We are so thankful to FUTP 60 for getting us started on this amazing journey!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

We have faced many obstacles in obtaining school board permission, enough funding, making sure we covered everything, etc. We simply kept working on it and did not give up. One of the biggest contributors to our success is in attending a local gardening class last fall. They really got us excited and pointed us in the right direction. Everything fell into place with persistence and excitement!