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Annette Daniels,   G. W. Carver Middle School
Physical Activity Participation

G. W. Carver Middle School welcomed with open arms the FUEL UP TO PLAY 60 program. Excitement was high for our students and staff. Our administrators felt this was a must-have program. We started with fifty four (54) students and have elevated to over seventy (70) students participating on a regular basis. Some students enrolled are in physical education class, however many are not. For students who are not enrolled in physical education classes, this is an awesome opportunity for them to be active before school. All students enrolled in FUTP 60 get more physical activity and as a result eat a healthier breakfast. FUTP6 0 participants must do a 400 meter lap each day the program is available (3 days a week) before they are allowed to participate. The activities range from basketball, volleyball, boxball, and soccer. FUTP 60 program is so well attended and loved by our students that the Program Advisor continues to offer the activities after allotted program time (days).

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students created posters and advertised the program throughout the school. The teachers and students recruited participants by utilizing teamwork during weeks leading into the start (dates/time) of the program. Participants help the Program Advisor with equipment and game set-up. Program Advisor emphasized sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the sessions.