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Getting the Word Out

christine Riemer,   Guilford High School
Plenty of Eat?
Before any big testing our school is completing at the time, we make announcements over the PA during our morning announcements show. These announcements remind the students about the importance of eating some sort of breakfast in the morning to not only get our bodies fueled for the day but also our brains. The announcements talk about the importance of breakfast and how it will jump start our brains to start working and make us alert for the tasks ahead. They also talked about you always have time for breakfast even if it is a grab and go from school or a peanut butter sandwich on the way to the bus stop.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our goal was to get the word out. We did this by making announcements during our morning announcements. We could tell that this worked by the amount of kids going through the breakfast line. During testing, the breakfast numbers rose.