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Getting the Word Out!

Rachel Williams,   Haines Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods
Getting the Word Out!

Today our Leadership Team distributed a survey for the students to fill out in the cafeteria asking the school what types of fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods they want as options during lunch. The Leadership Team also worked with the cafeteria staff to help get the word out about the importance of "Fueling Up" with healthy foods. The cafeteria staff supplied taste tests of the two feature "Fuel Up" foods this month and encouraged the students to spread the word. The cafeteria will also be making samples of the fresh turkey and chicken salad sandwiches to hand out to students during lunch periods to promote this month's "Fuel Up" food. The Leadership Team loved sampling the foods and even created puns for the morning announcements to get the word out. "If you are interested in trying the Fuel Up to Play 60 healthy food choices, you can try a turkey sandwich and a chicken salad sandwich during the month of November. Now, just to get your day going with a healthy start, 'lettuce' give you some healthy food puns. 'What did the turnip say to the carrot? Why didn’t you look for me? Don't you carrot all? Well, I knew you would turnip sooner or later.' Now don't forget to join the Fuel Up to Play 60 challenge next week. Have a healthy day!"

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students and staff worked together to find ways to promote and advertise the "Fuel Up" food of the month. Students will be able to sample the foods and filled out surveys on what healthy options they would like to see offered during lunch.