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Glenbard West High School Mentorship

Lynn Dugan,   Glenbard West High School
Glenbard West High School Mentorship

It has been such a joy working with Benard J. Ward Elementary School to see how far they have come with FUTP 60 and all they are doing in their school to promote a healthy lifestyle through FUTP 60. It is amazing to see the leadership roles these 5th graders have taken through FUTP 60 with Mr. Bogwill (their Program Advisor) leading the way! The first time I came to the school, I was invited by Mr. Bogwill, who had just won a grant to buy all new recess equipment and blenders to provide smoothies to students for breakfast in school. Being new to the program, Mr. Bogwill asked me to talk to his FUTP 60 team of students about what it means to be a leader through FUTP 60 and help them earn points on the website to become student Ambassadors. I also had the opportunity to participate in Family Fitness Night, where many families came to get active through fun activities like Dance Dance Revolution, ladders, push up contests, sprints, reaction speed tests, jump rope, medicine ball workouts, and more! I also helped inform families about FUTP 60 and get them logged in on the website. There was even a station for milk mustaches! 

The next FUTP 60 activity night I supported at Ward Elementary was another huge success with about 200 students attending! The biggest hit were the two large inflatables. FUTP 60 was also promoted through sign-up tables and a slideshow playing of pictures from Family Fitness Night. BJ Ward Elementary is off to such a successful start with FUTP 60, and I am glad to have had a part!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

At BJ Ward Elementary school, their Fuel Up to Play 60 team is growing and the FUTP 60 activities for the school's families have been very successful. They are also getting lots of kids to become Ambassadors.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

It is amazing to see how the student team at BJ Ward works together with Mr. Bogwill to make a huge impact in their school with FUTP 60. These kids are all leaders in their school and each have a huge part in running the Plays.