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Got Milk Week

Amber Reynolds,   Thornwood Elementary School
Milk Mustache Booth
Access to Healthy Foods
Got Milk Week
We had such a successful, fun Got Milk week! The students had a blast showing off their fancy mustaches every morning. Every morning when the students walked into the cafeteria, they would see me, Coach Reynolds, walking around with an apron that said “ Got Your Milk Mustache?” The students would make their white milk or chocolate milk mustache and raise their hand. I would then call kids up one by one onto the stage to get their picture taken in the Got Milk photo booth. As the students would pose with their milk mustaches, they also got to choose different fun dairy props to include in their picture, from cows, milk cartons, milk life cups, etc. After the students posed for their picture they would then take the three Milk Quiz questionnaire. Once they answered the questions with a friend or to myself they would receive a dairy facts flier to take home listing the importance of dairy. On the morning daily announcements I had students make announcements of dairy facts and why it’s so important to incorporate dairy into our bodies. Everyday I posted about our Got Milk week on my school’s twitter account so the parents, community, and other Physical Education teachers could see the great things we were doing that week. On Thursday and Friday, I had a nutritionist come and talk to all of our students about the importance of dairy and listing different ways to incorporate dairy into your “My Plate.” During her lesson she gave every student cheese and crackers and showed how a simple yummy snack can help get dairy into your body. The students had a blast and won prizes for answering different dairy questions. Our Got Milk week was an exciting way to showcase the importance of milk and dairy into our “My Plate.”

What improvements have you seen at your school?

I have seen so much improvement since we started Got Milk week. In the beginning of the week, very few students grabbed a milk to drink with their breakfast. By the end of the week three quarters of the students grabbed a milk and were enjoying drinking it to start off their day.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I accomplished my goal by having the students learn more about dairy and why it is so important for them to incorporate dairy into their daily diet.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

I will make this Play last during the school year by making little pop up visits during breakfast time to check on the kids and see if they are still drinking milk. I will also continue to talk about it during class time.